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An essential part of Meiramaya is the exclusive art pieces that signifies culture yet radiating immense beauty. It draws you to the environment and is a catalyst to your positivity and comfort living.

Transforming art to industrial products is a fine line and Meiramaya lamps does that perfectly by not giving you a ‘plastic’ feeling yet highly quality driven in its creations. Artists and producers work closely in a cohesive environment yet recognising each other’s world. So when you own a Meiramaya lamp you can be rest assured that there has been a lot of emotions and passion gone into it yet meticulously manufactured for reliability.

Meiramaya designs are very unique, exclusive and manifest art significantly.

Light Creations

Meiramaya creations are natural, cheeky and has a colourful splendor optimized for comfortable radiance.


A natural Lava Stone base complemented by fabric shades in alluring finishes.
Vibrant traditional textiles and a sheeny yellow light make ikaat an elegant table lamp.

Dots n Stripes

Shades of ochre, carvings and the artwork make this bamboo floor lamp an exquisite piece of decor.


Delicate bamboo interlocked with yellow twinkling lights adds a renaissance of geometric patterns. Ladder is a powerful versatile light for both the indoors and outdoors providing a starlit ambience.


A simple and sophisticated light with the versatility of country and glamour. This authentic design inspired by the antique french windows is a true show stopper and the centre of your home.


Pendant lights drop from delicate twirls of branches. This is a small tree branch in the right composition of shape and spread, encompassed with organic cotton. Purity can be lit and stared at for hours due to its composure and lacy shadows all over the surroundings.


Nude rays of light with a metallic composure that radiates patterns on the rebounding surface. This piece is hand crafted by some special artisans that have been doing this art for decades. Very delicate piece yet striking brilliance once lit.


Wooden accessories and 3 yellow lights add glamour to the simple birdcage.


Encasing the room it lights up in an intricate eastern pattern, this metal creation adds interest to simple surroundings.

Birds nest

Steel wool clustered forming a pendant of Bird’s nest, a reminder of the beauty of nature around us.


A Bohemian styled creation screams of joy and warmth yet very sensitive. This piece is an art by itself even before it can perform as a lamp. The freeness in colour representation and a delicate lacy shade combines both sophistication & exuberance.


The sheer beauty of silk as a fabric inspired this creation. The warmth of the light and the seductive flow of the fabric, sets the mood for romance of the nightfall.


A tepee inspired light formed with bamboo encased by rustic fabric.


Metal meshes sculptured to nest a pendant light. The rustic creation and simplicity highlights the elements of the materials.

Burlap Trio

The rustic texture and looks of the fine burlap yarn intricately woven is exhibited with the glow of the yellow lights.


As the name suggests, this table lamp is a simple creation capturing the essence of a traditional hanok, the South Korean home. The texture on this acquired naturally over time and the shade is oil painted canvas, shines with brilliance once lit. A well crafted piece that is bound to realize a Hanok inside your boundary.


Free as a young spirit, the leather fringed tricolor pendant light is perfect for a youthful space.

Shell Shock

Shells of giant snails replicated and clustered. The warm yellow lights reflect the beauty that lies in nature.


Natures colorful birds captured on plaster of Paris dancing on wooden sticks. It seems the only thing missing is the sweet sounds of birds chirping.


Fine lines, geometric shapes and angels inspired this design. Four simple laser cut pendants reflects its shapes on its environment.


Nicely cut bamboo encasing small yellow lights clustered to form a pendant. The warm aesthetics created by this light are a true tribute to the divine species, bamboo, abundantly found in Asia.


Gold, black and silver 3 classic colors are accessorized to add glamour to a simple rattan dome.


Delicate designs in gold and silver reflecting the glow multi directional. An intensely dynamic lamp and is a clear comparison to life. This creation is made of tin and bamboo with gold and silver painting.


The nightly starlight sky is captured in this simple mesh net creation. Numerous gold and silver stars adorn the pendant light.


The joy and warmth of this festive season captured in a glass jar spreading its light across the year.

Chev Lamp

A tall bamboo base stands upright encasing a rattan shade intricately accessorized with brass rings.


This is a tree branch with three or four sub branches carefully cut not to harm the entire tree. This tree branch goes through atleast 6-8 weeks of treatment and weathering to sustain multi climate conditions. This creation has five oriental lanterns with yellow lamps. Once lit, we can assure you of a warm ambience.


Hand painted and diligently woven woolen shade with a very raw pedestal. This lamp was created out of love for wildlife and the deep connection the designer has with it. This intensely handcrafted piece takes atleast 2-3 weeks to make by very experienced artisans.

Faucet light

A true conversation piece of design. Simple faucets holding lights at its mouth giving multiple faces to simple inventions.


Gaudi’s creations simplified with ceramic tiles to form a base. A simple black shade accentuates the colors of the base.


A very simplistic pendant creation that exhibits raw feeling of freedom, art and recklessness. The artist has used organic paints on a seasoned teak. Creates a bright and young atmosphere.


The symbol of infinity forms the metallic shade reflecting the symbols shadows around.

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